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Conventus Polymers Opens Mexican Subsidiary in Guadalajara

In addition to several warehouses located along the US/Mexico border, Conventus Polymers now has warehousing in Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Queretaro and high performance compounding capabilities in Queretaro. This allows for local production, quick turnaround times, and minimal freight costs.

The investment into Mexico allows Conventus to offer world class service to both local plastic converters and the US-based OEMS Conventus supports.

Conventus Customer Benefits

  • Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Incoterms
  • Local Manufacturing, Warehousing, Inventory, and Logistics4Transact in Local Currency (MXN)
  • Import/Export Capabilities

A Little Bit About Conventus Polymers

Conventus Polymers offers distribution as well as superior custom compounding and masterbatch solutions in thermoplastic resins. Conventus partners with you to identify the best resins, reinforcements, additives, modifiers, and more to formulate a custom compound for your specific application requirements. Conventus delivers a combination of technology, performance, and quality with speed, flexibility, and service that is unparalleled in today’s industry. The goal is to work as your partner to make your vision a reality.


Conventus Polymers represents the industry's leading producers of high performance and specialty resins, allowing them to provide customers with the latest resin technologies. Their global network of over 27 warehouses, including seven servicing Mexico, enables local stocking and just in time delivery to customers. Conventus Polymers offers an unmatched combination of materials expertise and logistics to help customers achieve success and sustain it.


Conventus helps you choose the right material for your application. When working with Conventus Polymers you have access to a comprehensive list of plastics and fillers. The combinations are virtually endless.

Technical Support

Conventus’ broad technical support, expertise in application development, mold flow capabilities, and deep market understanding helps support you with material selection, design recommendations, tooling selection, and more.

Manufacturing Expertise

The Conventus manufacturing facilities excel with continuous improvement and highly developed process controls to ensure every batch produced meets their customer's wide array of specifications.

  • Global manufacturing locations in the USA, Mexico, and China
  • 55lb (25 kg) minimum order
  • Regulatory approvals (UL, FDA, NSF, ISO 10993, REACH, RoHS)4Quick development to production cycl
  • 2-5 week lead time
  • Commonly used compounds are made-to-inventory4Stocking programs / JIT are available

Quality Focus

Conventus Polymers is committed to the principle of continuous improvement. The company strives to continually improve quality systems and processes to meet and exceed their internal and external customer expectations at all times.

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