Product Guides

Within these markets we offer a full line of engineering thermoplastics to meet the needs of our many customers. By combining materials expertise and logistics we are able to support our customer's challenges from simple cost reduction to material co-development in demanding applications.

Find out more about how we succeed in creating value for our customers in the markets below:

Xarec* SPS Guide

Xarec is well rounded polymer that offers dimensional stability, low water absorption, great chemical resistance, high heat resistance, high flow characteristics, and excellent electrical properties. It is a competitively priced high heat resistance polymer; potential suitable replacement for PSU, PPSU, PES, and PEI at a fraction of the cost.

Eurostar FR Nylon and FR Polypropylene Guide

Eurostar has a strong line of FR Nylon and FR PP products with over 120 UL yellow cards. These materials offer great productivity, address environmental eco labels, and offer excellent flame retardant performance.