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Conventus Polymers delivers the world’s highest performance polymers for firearms applications and now introduces AIMS, a new service for firearms product developers. The AIMS service implements its parts design know-how and material selection expertise, along with its network of outstanding injection molders, to offer unique solutions for firearms designers and manufacturers from start to finish.

Medical Device Materials Solutions

Conventus Polymers’ products are the standard for medical devices that requiring aggressive sterilization methods. Unfilled, glass and carbon-filled grades of high performance compounds not only meet, but exceed customer’s requirements in a wide range of medical applications. ns for firearms designers and manufacturers from start to finish.

Alternative Materials for Discontinued Materials

Recently Evonik announced they are discontinuing Trogamid® T series (Polyamide 6-3-T) and Vestamid® HT Plus series (PPA) product lines in early 2020. Existing users have a limited window to requalify applications into an equivalent product. Conventus Polymers can help you select alternative materials that meet your product specifications.