High Performance Polymers: PSU-PPSU-PES

High Performance Polymers: PSU-PPSU-PES

Polysulfone (PSU), Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), and Polyethersulfone (PES).
We carry a variety of grades for each of these three sulfone product families, to suit different molding requirements. Most of these carry important regulatory approvals.

About Polysulfones:

PPSU - Polyphenylsulfone offers the best overall performance of all the sulfone polymers with a Tg of 220C.
PPSU’s benefits: Impact performance comparable to polycarbonate; chemical resistance superior to
Polysulfone (PSU); inherently flame retardant.

PSU - Polysulfone is a high-strength, high temperature plas1c that has prac1cal toughness.
PSU’s benefits: Maintains excellent mechanical proper1es when exposed to steam; heat resistance superior to polycarbonate.

PES - Polyethersulfone offers the highest temperature resistance of the sulfone polymers with a Tg of 230C.

Our source for the polysulfone resins: UJU New Materials (ISO 9001:2001), a resin manufacturer.
More info at UJU link below.

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