Conventus adds specialty nylons to line

Conventus adds specialty nylons with new distribution deal


AUGUST 26, 2020


Parsippany, N.J.-based thermoplastics distributor Conventus Polymers LLC will offer the specialty nylons line of EMS-Grivory America in the U.S. and Canada to expand its portfolio of high-temperature materials.

The nylons are used primarily for injection molded applications in the electrical, plumbing, oil and gas, consumer, health care and lighting markets because of their transparency, chemical resistance and toughness.

Conventus says its agreement with the Swiss-based global producer covers brands like Grilamid, TR transparent nylon, Grilamid L nylon 12, Grivory GV partially aromatic nylon and Grivory HT high-temperature polphthalamide (PPA) product portfolios.

The products are based on amorphous, cycloaliphatic, long-chain: PA 12, PA 1010, PA 612, PA 610, partially aromatic and PPA nylon chemistries.

The business partnership improves the specialty thermoplastic offering for customers, according to Conventus Polymers President John Jorgensen.

"Our goal is to expand penetration in many nonautomotive markets where specialty nylons are gaining traction, being more readily adopted and experiencing rapid growth," Jorgensen said. "We are excited to develop applications with EMS-Grivory. We are building on many successful newly commercialized applications and expect to continue that momentum in new applications and markets that fit the EMS-Grivory focus on metal replacement with Grivory GV and Grivory HT."

For EMS-Grivory America, Business Manager Darryl Goodwin said the partnership expands its offering of high-performance polymers and strengthens its application development and metal replacement opportunities outside of automotive.

In addition to application development, Conventus will provide all technical marketing, account management and customer service support.