High Performance Plumbing

High Performance Plumbing

High performance plumbing applications require a very specific combination of properties. Primary material considerations include resistance to high temperatures, high pressures, chemical attack, and hydrolysis


Polysulfones are widely used in plumbing applications transporting water that are subjected to high temperatures and pressures. The unique combination of excellent temperature resistance, compression strength, long term creep resistance, hydrolytically stability, and chlorine resistance makes them an ideal fit for these applications.

Sulfones are used in applications such as PEX fittings and manifolds, increasingly replacing brass.

Conventus is North America’s exclusive distributor for UJU’s Polysuflones. The following materials have the necessary NSF and ASTM approvals for your application:

  • Paryls® PSU
  • Paryls® 20%GF PSU
  • Paryls® PPSU
  • Paryls® PPSU/PSU Copolymer


While Polysulfones have adequate chemical resistance for traces of chlorine in hot water applications, for applications that require advanced chemical resistance, fluoropolymers are used. Based on their chemical structure, fluoropolymers are chemically inert and enjoy the best chemical resistance available in a melt process able plastic.

Conventus offers several grades of PVDF for plumbing applications. To learn more please contact your local Conventus representative.

Syndiotactic Polystyrene (SPS)

Like Polysulfones, Syndiotactic Polystyrene can also be used in hot water plumbing. However, because it cannot match Polysulfone’s creep resistance, SPS is used in low pressure applications. SPS is a non-polar polymer which gives it unparalleled low water absorption among engineering resins. It is known for its excellent chemical resistance, which includes chlorine, its high temperature properties, high flow, and best-in-class dimensional stability among semi-crystalline resins.

Common SPS applications include housings, valves, metering devices, and fixtures.

Conventus represents Idemitsu Kosan, the world’s only producer of SPS. The following materials have NSF approvals for your application:

Xarec® 20%GF SPS

Xarec® 30%GF SPS

Xarec® 40%GF SPS

In addition to the materials highlighted above, Conventus has many NSF listed products used in plumbing applications in the following polymer families:

  • PPA (High Temperature Nylons)
  • PA6 & PA66 Nylons
  • PBT